How to Do a Deep Tissue Massage with a Jigsaw Massager

If you’ve ever experienced the wonders of a good deep tissue massage, chances are you’ve already made them a semi-regular staple in the muscle recovery and stress relief routines.

Deep tissue massages have become an extremely popular form of massage for athletes around the world, and for good reasons we’ll get into below. However, performing a deep tissue massage with a jigsaw massager fitted with a deep-tissue massage head could take your muscle recovery and relaxation to the next level.

Let’s Get Deep: What Can a Deep Tissue Massage Do For Me?

The mechanics of deep tissue massage are pretty straightforward. Traditional deep tissue massages require applying firm and even pressure with slow strokes to reach beyond the surface layers of muscle and fascia.

Your fascia (fah-sha) is the thin layer of tissue that coats and protects every organ, muscle fiber, nerve fiber, and bone in the human body. You’ve likely seen some of it coating raw chicken breasts you’re about to turn into a delicious, lean, and healthy meal. Fascia is an extremely important connective tissue and without out it, we would be a mess internally.

However, fascial imbalances can occur and lead to a bunch of physical problems such as limited ranges of motion, chronic pain, and a general feeling of constricted tightness. These fascial imbalances are linked to anything from working out without stretching to inactivity, disease, inflammation, trauma, and muscle injury.

Most massages aim to break apart the knots of the fascial imbalances in order to help the body recover and loosen up. Deep tissue massages go straight to some of the biggest problem areas such as stiff necks and upper back pain, tight hamstrings and quads, lower back pain, and shoulder soreness.

By breaking up scar tissue, muscle knots, and adhesions (painful, rigid tissues), a good deep tissue massage can stop disruptions to circulation and causes of pain, as well as increasing your range of motion and reducing inflammation.

Deep Tissue Jigsaw Massage: Understanding the Jigsaw

Devices such as jigsaw massagers have become increasingly more popular due to advances in physiological technology. What these massagers are is essentially a “jigsaw”, or a mechanical rig, fitted with custom impact-friendly heads designed for particular uses. For example, our jigsaw massagers have three distinct heads for all-purpose, deep tissue, or pin-point massages.

Jigsaw Massager Heads

Jigsaw massagers are essentially evolved and mechanized variations of percussive massage, a massage technique over a century in the making.

Percussive massage makes use of rapid soft blows from each hand in consistent and even repetitions with low to medium intensity. There are also several variations of percussive massage that make use of the several unique striking surfaces of the hand such as using a closed fist for medium intensity, slapping with fingers for a moderate impact, hacking using the pinky-side edge of the hand like a karate chop, or simply tapping using only the fingertips.

The primary goal of percussive massage isn’t to impact the body as much as it is to make use of the regular and consistent tapping to stimulate the nervous system and release lymphatic and lactic acid buildup. These types of massages are renowned for their ability to reduce pain, delayed onset muscle soreness, joint stiffness, as well as improve muscle function.

Recent studies have supported the notion that percussion massage therapy can treat muscle fibers up to 30 times more effectively than other forms of massage.

What the jigsaw does is add a more efficient and cost-effective alternative to traditional percussive massages. Instead of requiring a high level of human effort, jigsaws enable users to experience or administer the benefits of percussive massage simply by holding the trigger.

How to Do a Deep Tissue Massage with a Jigsaw Massager

Although jigsaw massagers primarily function for the repetitive, rapid, consistent movements from traditional percussive massage, utilizing a deep tissue massage head allows you to also experience the benefits of a deep tissue massage as well.

Coming down to brass tacks, if you are aware of basic human musculature and the various muscle groups, you can use a jigsaw massager to target areas that you experience a lot of daily tension, have been recently used in the exercise, or even just to warm up. The deep tissue head allows you to break down any fascial imbalances, warm up the muscle, and stimulate that crucial nervous system response to flush out buildups of lymphatic acid and lactic acid.

Risks of Deep Tissue Massage with Jigsaw Massagers

Jigsaw massage is open to a similar range of risks as much as most popular forms of muscle recovery. Everything from foam rollers to unassisted stretching can run a risk of injury of overextension if you do not have a general understanding of what you’re doing.

That’s why it’s important to understand the muscle group you’d like to target, or simply have a licensed physical trainer or other professional help you with your jigsaw needs. You don’t necessarily need to be an expert by any means to use a jigsaw, but in order to get the maximum benefits with minimum risks, knowledge is power. Thankfully, the Internet has a wide variety of instructional videos for every specific muscle group.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to your deep massage needs, a jigsaw massager should have its place in your arsenal of tools. Although they can be, jigsaw massagers aren’t necessarily full replacements for professional deep tissue massages by licensed massage therapists. However, they are perfect for pre- or post-workout recovery, require much less effort, and are ultimately less expensive than regularly scheduled massages.