Cordless Hushed Model

Regular price $ 189.99

One of our most popular models for good reason, it is the MOST powerful percussion therapy device on the market. Meaning it is meant for those who are capable of handling more aggressive massage sessions. At the same time is is as quiet as the $600-1200 models.

This is the ultimate in power and design, comparable with the JM 2.0 but with MORE power and slightly more noise. Yet still gentle enough for those just starting out with percussion therapy treatments, 


-ultra quiet noise suppressing design

-2 position settings allow comfortable use for giving yourself a full body massage

-lower volume (decibels) than the cordless pro and corded models. 

-comes equipped with a 4 hour long lasting battery

-all of this makes it one of our most popular models

-Recover Faster, Increase Performance, and Live Pain Free with the MOST

powerful and quiet JigsawMassage device


Choose from...

Soft Tip - This was designed to have more gentle touch than the Deep Tissue but it good for ANY area of the body.

Pin Point - Great for the forearms, hands, feet, and any corners that are hard to get, or for those especially tough spots in the upper back that can happen. Great for relieving tendinitis in the elbow 

Deep Tissue - This is the original one and the one that started it all, the ORIGINAL, and it BEATS the knots into submission. Works well on large muscles groups or especially difficult knots.    


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