Pinpoint Jigsaw Massage Head
Pinpoint Jigsaw Massage Head
Pinpoint Jigsaw Massage Head
Pinpoint Jigsaw Massage Head in Jigsaw
Ryobi Version Pinpoint Jigsaw Massage Head

Pin Point Therapy Massage Head

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The Pin Point Therapy Massage Head works wonders on those very specific areas that need extra attention. Knots in the back, thumb muscles, forearms are all spots that the Pin Point tip shines. Many of our customers have used the Pin Point Tip to help relieve symptoms of tendinitis in the elbows and knees by massaging the areas above and below the joints. No need to worry about going over the bones as it is still soft enough to go over the bony spots.  


Pin Point - Great for the forearms, hands, feet, and any corners that are hard to get, or for those especially tough spots in the upper back that can happen. Great for relieving tendinitis in the elbow 

Deep Tissue - This is the original one and the one that started it all, the ORIGINAL, and it BEATS the knots into submission. Works well on large muscles groups or especially difficult knots.   

Soft Tip - This was designed to have more gentle touch than the Deep Tissue but it good for ANY area of the body. 


What’s included
- 1x Pin Point Massage Head


Select the Standard massage head unless you have a Ryobi brand jigsaw.